Written by Simone Adams

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

~How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.
~Henry David Thoreau

As  a Writer

I have enjoyed a long-standing love affair with the written word. My passion for reading is only paralleled by my desire to write. Whether reading a beautifully worded novel or writing my own intriguing stories, I have always taken pleasure in the magic of a wonderfully crafted message.   

The Forgotten

"The Forgotten" is a personal favorite, a prime example of my love of storytelling. Stories are our way of remembering, our way to never be forgotten. 

"Taketh and Giveth", on page 291, is a nonfiction narrative about what I lost and gained in an apartment fire.

Hiking is joy of mine that is hard to describe other than in lyrical prose.

I adore the lost art of letter writing. 

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As an Editor

You've finally finished your story and now you need someone who will handle your work delicately but firmly. As an editor, I will honor your story and keep your voice while providing the guidance you need to add clarity to your writing. You can look forward to thoughtful notes on elements such as flow, consistency, and overuse of words as well as grammar edits. 

Written by
Ina Williams

Edited by
Simone Adams


Written by
Lynette Jackson

Edited by 

Simone Adams

Excerpt from Hollow by Lynette Jackson:
Simone [Adams], Editor - A book is only as good as its editor. Thank you so much for seeing my vision and helping me bring it to life. You are an amazing powerful woman that God will use in a mighty way... Are you ready?