Written by Simone Adams

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.
~Joan Didion

Introduction to Journaling

a 90 minute workshop

This is an introductory course for anyone who has wanted to journal but doesn’t know where to begin, or those who used to journal and want to reintroduce the habit in their daily life. This course will ease anyone into the idea of journaling and explore how writing about your thoughts and life experiences can provide emotional and spiritual benefits. 

Materials provided. This course is offered free to nonprofit organizations.

Contact me to inquire about pricing, availability, or the next workshop near you. 


Mindfulness Hike

an all day excursion

This is a physically intense, but meditative experience that combines the beauty of Mother Nature, the power of journaling, and the inspiration of self-reflection. No cell phones, no cameras, just you and the beautiful outdoors to inspire your creativity and soothe your soul. 

Transportation arrangements from a central location can be provided. Materials needed include water, snacks, and a journal.

Contact me to inquire about pricing, availability, or the next workshop near you. 


a four-week series

This is an intimate group session where women gather around to share their story—both with new friends and new journals. This experience will be rejuvenating to mind, body, and soul. Each session lasts for 75 to 90 minutes. The women will fellowship for a few minutes and the journey will begin each week with a conversation that encourages emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. We will then spend time individually with our journals reflecting on the conversation and ourselves. If you think you are unable to write in a journal, don’t fear—I will help guide you through the obstacles that prevent many from maintaining a journal, helping you release blocked emotions and discover new joys.

This is a women-only session. Participants must bring a blank journal to the first day of session. This workshop requires a host who is willing to open her home and four to eight participants. 

Contact me to inquire about pricing, availability, and more details on the structure of the class. 

Preparing for College Entrance Essays

a two and a half hour workshop 

Language is a dying art in the school system, but colleges and scholarship committees still expect applicants to be able to verse their story in written format. Everyone has a story to tell and I look forward to helping your teen put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to craft their story in a way that will leave them proud of their writing and amazed by their own story. 

Participants must provide their own computer or work with pen and paper.

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Building Your Writer's Platform

A two-hour seminar

As far as an editor, agent, or publisher is concerned, your platform is your proven ability to reach a target market. In today's literary market, it is increasingly crucial for the writer to play a pivotal role in marketing themselves. Your readership should not be cultivated once the book is completed, it should be in the works—through your writer's platform—long before your book hits the shelves. This workshop will provide you with a treasure chest of marketing tools to present yourself as a credible writer. 

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Create-Your-Own Workshop

for businesses, schools, gatherings

Let's customize a workshop tailored to meet your needs. Whether your nonprofit needs a crash course in storytelling to raise funds or your homeschool group wants to give your students a creative writing tutorial or your besties want to try their hand at writing erotica, I'm happy to work with you to tailor the workshop that meets your needs. 

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